Who am I?

A Ph.D. Candidate in the Decision, Risk and Financial Sciences program at the University of Melbourne. My work focuses on decision neuroscience from an interdisciplinary perspective. I use theory from computer science (computation theory) to provide insights into decision modeling and metacognition.

I am also interested in the areas of decision making under uncertainty and financial market regulation.

I am an avid promoter of digital literacy and interdisciplinary research.


Brain, Mind and Markets Lab

I work at the BMM Lab at the University of Melbourne doing work at the core of decision neuroscience. Yet, that is just the tip of the iceberg of everything that is going on at the lab. Are you interested in financial markets, financial bubbles, algorithmic trading?

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Fun Section

Under construction.... (No time for fun?)

For now some comics:

PhD Comics



Promoting Digital Literacy in Research


I work at the University of Melbourne as a Research Community Coordinator for R/RStudio.  This entails managing the R community at the University of Melbourne, giving (free) introductory workshops to R and more!

Interested in a workshop or being part of the R community at Melbourne Uni?


Want to learn how to use Python and R together using RStudio? Click here for a short Reticulate package tutorial.

Experiments in Decision-Making

I have had the pleasure of coding behavioural experiments in a couple of programming languages:

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Unity 3D (C#)

You can find the code and description of these experiments here!


In the meantime: Go To a great webpage for coding your first experiment in JavaScript.

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Colombia: A great destination!

Have you ever considered traveling to Colombia? An amazing place where magic realism comes to life!